Monday, 24 May 2010

"Cartoony" slime mold enviroment development

Okey, I know the resoloution gate is the wrong setting but it wont be like that when finished. Here we have a screenshot to show the work in progress of the slime molds 2D brought 3D enviroment. I call it Toon-D! All to be done is some more lighting and the addition of the log which the slime mold is based upon, then the camera will move swiftly into the log for the microscopic adventure to start. 

The below image is a peice of concept art I created showing the opening scene in the gradual simplistic stylisation that I have been approaching, yet it helped give me a feel for animation through how it is set out. All I have done is simplified the colour pallete and made everything feel a lot more drawn and sketchy within the 3D world. The less detail creates a somewhat childish, bold cartoony effect which I feel enables room to open the doors to worlds which by using realism I couldnt reach in the same way.



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