Thursday, 13 May 2010

Slime mold - understanding the elements

I have decided that as I am persuing a particular target audience, and including my cartoonish drawing style through into the 3d world I will need to find a way to adjust to something that compromises. I beleive simple is the key, and in using planes with drawn textures I could provide a 2D effect within the realms of 3D. With after effects I can add additional animations over the top of things such as bugs, cells, slime etc. In the slime molds "world" I have decided to use an orange sky, however everything that isnt an asset of the "characters" such as the ground, should be white to further the drawn effect in 3D. 

Heres a quick hand drawn animation which helps me further understand how the characters in my world will act, as seeing them in my head to witnessing them move in real life ive come to find renders out a lot different. This also helps me understand how a 3D character would work and move in a 2D sense, or in the style of my own cartooning.


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  1. Well done, Chris - I like the increasing simplification of your world - I encourage you to further 'clean up' your outlines to give your drawings a very resolved style...