Thursday, 6 May 2010

Slime mold research

I have discovered a website which is full of different types of slime molds to help further gain an understanding into their appearance. There are different shapes and sizes, colours and textures.

  • Arcyria ferruginea

  • Arcyria oerstedii

  • Diachea leucopodia

  • Hemitrichia serpula 

 Here you can see four different types of slime molds given from the above website. Dont they look pretty!

Im going to use these images to help further understand the design of a typical slime mold, which the audience will be able to understand from a first glance. These slime molds tend to grow on other organic vegetation, such as tree bark or forestry.

As a result I should create concept art on the slime mold to show it in its natrual enviroment, to help me further grasp a concept of how the slime mold may act in its life cycle.


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