Monday, 17 May 2010

Fruiting body walk cycle

To understand how this strange character will move around, or how the "blob" like formation it comes from would move, I have created a small walk cycle to imply an idea more clearly.



  2. Evening Chris,

    Okay - regarding your Time Machine essay; it would have come in at around the 55% mark. It's clear that you engaged with this assignment, and you do develop some interesting symmetries between the narrative world of the Star Wars saga and your chosen 'big ideas' - that said, you make the mistake that many students made which was simply to attempt to cover too much in the short space of 2,000 words; for instance, Freud is a big fish, and to properly demonstrate a clear and substantiated understanding of his ideas would have needed the entirety of your essay; likewise Romanticism; because you attempt both, both these 'investigative tools' are blunted in terms of their effectiveness and their explanation; less is more when you've only got 2,000 words! What you needed to do was give more time and space to some of your big ideas; for instance, you argue that there is some relationship between the rationalism of The Enlightenment Project and the Empire, but to properly make this point, you needed to spend more time introducing and defining the Enlightenment - with support quotes and input from key individuals. You also talk about the 'Romanticism' of the various alien worlds, but this is actually an issue about the design team for the movies (and less about the worlds themselves - because, let's face it, the world of Star Wars is fiction) - and it's not very clear is you're talking about Star Wars from a narrative structure point of view, or rather as a world 'that exists'; had your introduction read something like 'this assignment will be analysing the production design of the Star Wars saga in relation to Romanticism', you would have been better able to discuss its influences; you also don't provide any substantive proof to support your ideas regarding Star Wars and Romanticism; there's no one else 'agreeing' with you - no additional critical voice. When you approach an assignment, you must do so with the mindset of a lawyer; you need to present an evidence-based point-of-view - if you don't, your argument remains wholly speculative...