Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Brainstorming sesion - final idea

Here I am, trying to decide on that final part of my minute long animation. Its been a tricky job as to find something which works logically with the story I have been conjuring up. Heres my story so far, then I will show you the ideas I have been framing together to peice my story to completion.

  • Story opens with the Baker happily skipping along, knife in hand, chiseling his cakes to "perfection". He is content with his work and nothing can stop him!
  • The music turns, the atmosphere changes as the Baker warps out of his reality into what he really sees: his Cakes being thrown around on stage at a theatre. He makes his Cakes only to be thrown around by Actors, this makes him feel small and useless. There is two Actors, one tall elogant character and one small chubby Clown with an uncanny resemblance to the Baker.
  • Quick intense zooming in close up shots of the actors laughter and the Bakers distraught, creating a sense of madness.
  • Cutt to scenes "Rocky Balboa style" of the Baker training up, as he is quite small after all and needs all the strength he can get to save his beloved creations from being destroyed.
Heres the stuff im now adding:

Ive decided to change the feel of this story. Originally, it was a comedy of typical Cartoon intention. The puns were all innocent even when comically violent. The thing is im a big fan of things that you dont want to look at, yet still have the urge to watch. Observe "Salad fingers" in one of my previous posts. It has some innocent comical approach yet is filled with obvious underlying darkness which drives a hidden moral in each short story. Therefore I have decided to disturb my audience, starting off with something which could appear amusing and innocent, yet become more twisted as the tale goes on.

Here goes...

  • The Baker trains himself up ready to take on the Actors throwing his Cake around the stage, then when he becomes strong enough he "attacks" the Actors on stage. He first throws his Barbell at the tall skinny actor, who passes out (little birds flying around his head) then storms up to the second Actor and starts tackling him to the ground to get a cake off of him.
  • The "dream" state that the Baker is in disolves away, and we come to find the Baker standing there onstage, harming himself crying away infront of a full audience. Behind him is the tall skinny actor laying there from where he was attacked.
The "Clown" actor is basically the Bakers own envisionment of his personal depression at his Cakes being thrown around. This whole sequence from where he jumps away from reality to train up to tackle his "beautiful creations" from being thrown around the stage is actually a moment of insanity.

I know, I know, ive taken my project to a dark level yet again...


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