Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Food for thought - incorporating humour in the Bakers appearance

I thought I better add quickly, that the Baker I am creating, who becomes the "Hero" if you like of the story, should also help be at the end of most of the jokes. So in a sense he should feel like a failed hero, he appears so pathetic that you feel sorry for him yet still laugh at the same instance.

Therefore! My brainwave is that the Baker should be a really small chap. Thats right, his Cakes should be almost as big as him, or at least big enough for him to have a struggle to pull around. This creates further rooms to expand the storys final scene and push the jokes farther. If the Baker is small, not only is it funny to watch him carry out the actions made for him in the storyline, but also he would probably have a funnier voice.

Small guy - making cakes as big as him
Small guy - working out
Small guy - trying to be the hero and ending up looking stupid somehow

The relationship between "small" and the above actions which are incorporated within the story seem to emulate a natrual kind of humour. This should benifit both the story and the character himself, and furthermore merge them both together so the setting and the character make better sense out of one another.

I'll post some sketches up later showing how this could work and be funny.


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