Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Rough Character design - Baker idea

As you may have noticed my story seems to be becoming themed around the Baker being the main Character of the Animation, therefore already he is appearing in my head as I tell the story I am conjuring up.

Here you can see I drew several different faces for my Baker Character, trying to decide on what facial expressions and sizes should best portray his personality. I decided that a rather fat face with a dopey, confused expression works best.

So here he is, the first manifestation of probably many to come. However, I do think that his appearance is onto a winner here, just needs a few tweaks and as the story progresses more I can create the Characters appearance for different parts of his performance. I will be able to show his different expressions and appearances, depending on whether he wears the same attire throughout or if some part of him changes. For example, what hairstyle would he have if his hat fell off?


  1. Hey Chris - clearly you're nicely enthused and that's good to see - but PLEASE - can you find the time to scan your drawings in and tidy them up for publication on the blog; they look like sheets of toilet paper - this is not a request. You need to make more of your work and give more thought to the impression you/it makes.

  2. Yeah I was concerned about that. It does look really messy... I am going to get my pictures scanned at the Uni tomorow. My scanner at home needs drivers installed but im failing to find them on the internet!