Thursday, 25 February 2010

Storyboard for movie - write up version (The Matrix Bullet time scene)

Here I am writing up a simple storyline for the bullet dodge sequence in the Matrix. This is one of the most famous scenes from this movie. I will turn this into a drawn storyboard and post it up on here.

The Matrix “Bullet time” clip


• Scene starts where Agent Smith states that Neo and Trinity must be found and destroyed. “Find them and destroy them”.

• Agent Smiths co agent hears his duty and then the scene cuts to a fight between Neo, Trinity and the police on top of a Helicopter pad.

• The fight pursues until we see a Helicopter Pilot becoming taken over by the Agent sent out to destroy Neo and Trinity.


• The scene is clear for a second once Trinity and Neo have destroyed all the police, then out steps an Agent.

• Both Neo and Trinity look on in horror at the sight of the agent, as they have nowhere to run. Neo decides to brave it with the belief that he is “the one” and turns around and starts shooting at the agent

• The Agent dodges the flying bullets with ease. Neo looks on in horror, then shouts “Trinity, help!”


• The Agent shoots at Neo in the famous “Bullet dodging” scene where Neo realises for the first time that he can move as fast as an Agent. A Bullet skims his leg and then he falls over.

• The agent comes up to Neo and proclaims “Only human”.

• Trinity appears behind the Agent and states “Dodge this” to then shoot the Agent in the back of the head.

Watch the scene here


  1. Ive done this so it makes it clearer for myself when I go to draw the storyboard. It makes the scene make much more sense and in these broken down "chunks" taken from the scene I can understand what to draw easier.

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