Monday, 15 February 2010

Toon talk 2 - bad guys

Indeed, my story is somewhat a "heroes and villains" style storyline. Therefore I should observe what makes a good looking animated villain, and what makes them tick. When an evil character is displayed within an animatic or in most cartoons for that matter, they tend to be rather thin, intimidating and sly. They usually have a side kick of some sort, who pathetically feels like they are to win respect or gain some of their "masters" power through working alongside them. The villains usually have elongated features and have some sense of a snakeish personality through their slender appearance, you feel wary of them yet are able to develop a sour relationship to that character. The side kicks are usually smaller and lower in some way to their masters, easily being able to be kicked down and pushed aside, however they are hardly ever replaced by someone else. The heroes typically have a heart warming freindly appearance, somewhat more baby faced or kind in some way. Their actions show a lack of selfishness and usually have a goal of some sort. In a sense the bad guys of cartoons genuinely have a motive for action too, however their initiative is through gaining power or being destructive.

Take a look at "Mrs Tweedy" from the film Chicken run. Here you will see how she over towers the over characters, carries a dark shadow over the film yet in tru cartoon fashion has a sense of humour engrained into her. I have taken insperation from her to further develop my "actors" design.

I think this sinister appearance will benifit the snooty, inwards character of the "main" actor.


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