Monday, 15 February 2010

"In" jokes to help make story more logical... Bakers size!

As the Baker somehow needs to use the barbell to train himself up Rocky style and become a lot stronger, there needs to be something physically weak about his character. This weakness could also be behind a lot of the puns within the story itself, helping to drive it to its final outcome.

Here you can see how the Bakers size is compared to his "masterpeice" Cakes. Also compared to the other characters he shall be considerably small.

Here you can see the intimidating "slimy" appearance of the sinister cake throwing actor which is to become the Bakers nemisis within my story. Notice how the lines are used to show the characters expressions farther, and the feel of the intensity. The Baker is a close up, camera from a lower angle looking up towards the actor showing his intimidating thin snakey body towering over the baker. You can feel the rivalry between these two characters which will be the key element that drives the comedic effect of my story. This will in a sense be a "Tom and Jerry" style Cartoon, also however appearing somewhat animaniac styled like Ren and Stimpy or Itchy and Scratchy from the Simpsons.


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