Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Psycho film review

Today we watched the highly sinister, immersifying thriller "Psycho." This film was originally created in 1960 and directed by Alfred Hitchcock. It has a number of follow up films that came after it including a re-make, Psycho 2 and Psycho 3.

In this film we see a young lady named Marion Crane on a desperate getaway from the trapments of her own depriving life. Marion decides to steal the money entrusted to her by a client where she works, who beleives she is to bank this money safely for him. She devotes the idea that with the money she can marry the man she loves, Sam Loomis, and plans to live with him. On her escape to Sams house, in her guilt-ridden mindset she encounters a Police officer, who senses the panic in Marions voice. He decides to follow her to observe where she is headed to find she stops at a Car Garage to change her Car to help cover her tracks and make her harder to trace. This causes further concern to Marions intention.

In her travels she decides to stop to sleep, also to possibly become hidden away for a while as she knows she is being followed. Thus she comes across a Motel, which is ran by Norman Bates, a slightly edgy character who portrays a loneliness and desperality which we dont yet fully understand. Marions character becomes somewhat uncomfortable with this stormy air about Bates, yet manages to settle its slightly aqwuard air by convincing her perception of Bates as innocent and gentle. Surely, the stuffed animals are nothing to feel secure around, however through Bates uplifting speeches about life and his passion, he fullfills a breakthrough within the tension.

Marion is excused to her room after having supper with Bates in his room behind his office (which further increases his stalky, desperate tone) where she is preparing herself to lay her head down to sleep for the night. Bates on the otherhand, pervertedly watches her through a gap in the wall in his office hidden behind a picture before turning and walking away back to his house. Marion walks into the desolate abode which is to become her watery grave, where she is stabbed to death by an unknown entity which we see a glimpse of wearing a floral dress. Bates blames his Mother for this event and desperately tries to hide all evidence of her being there, so puts her and all her assets in the boot of her Car and drives it into a nearby ditch.

The film continues from this point, however you feel the main character still being Marion even after her death. People back from where Marion lives become aware of her disapearance due to the fact she has taken the money and somewhat become illusive to their attempts at contacting her.

Eventually we see detective Milton Arbogast, who was hired to find Marion, come across the Motel where Marion breathed her last. He comes across the anxious Mr Bates, who nervously scurries his words out as he figures out he is being interigated. Later on when Arbogast tries to investigate the house that Bates lives in, Bates "Mother" comes out and stabs him to his death. This in turn causes the other people involved in finding Marion to become suspicious when Arbogast doesnt get back in contact with them.

In the last part of the Movie, we see Marions Sister Lila and Marions fiancee Sam Loomis attempt to track down Arbogast and Marion at the Motel where they were both last reported to be present. In their attempt they find Bates at the Motel, where Sam tries to distract Bates while Lila goes on search for Bates Mother.

Lila comes across Bates "Mother", who turns out to be a corpse in the cellar of his house. Just as the figure of Bates Mother appears ready to attack Lila in her shocked state, we come to find that this person is actually Bates himself. We come to learn that Bates is psychotic and beleives he is his Mother in a split personality type behaviour condition which is caused by his own emotional distress.

Overall, this twist to the story is quite shocking, yet you somewhat feel how it fits without hesitation. It makes sense as soon as it happens because you think of the films title straight away. I beleive this story to be pretty insperational to any violent slasher/horror movie maker to come and it should always be looked upon with a grand respect.


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