Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Ideas from two stickmen stories!

I think the first of my stories has more ground to work from, yet I feel there are gags or "moments" in the second which I can take from. The start of the first storyboard doesnt make much logical sense so I have decided the following captions:

1) The Baker proudly has made cakes for the theatre, which he then finds being thrown around in a custard pie style fight on stage.

2) He becomes angry, thus "trains" himself up ready to save the remaining cakes. This is where we see the barbell!

3) FINAL SCENE... I must work something out for how the Baker saves the cakes... but its gota be funny and have a good sense of closure!

This "workout" scene should be similar to that from the Rocky films, cheesy and a bad attempt at being serious and epic. Heres some videos with clear examples of what I mean!

Remember, no pain no gain! and my Baker wants his Cakes back!

Where to go with this now is my next problem but I shall post more blogs showing my workings towards the final scene, how to incorporate jokes into it and how to close it with a good ending.

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