Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Storyboard ideas 2 - using stickmen

Again using the simplistic style of the stickman I am showing another comedic storyline which I thought to be a strong contender amongst the sea if ideas in my head. Needless to say now I know I probably wont be using this, however I will take elements from it.

1) Scene starts out with a Baker in his shop, calmly whistling away to himself with soothing lounge music in the background.

The scene then cutts to outside the shop, with a head of the second character, a weightlifter, looking in towards the window.

2)  The door to the Bakery slams open with the Weightlifter standing there relentlessly staring in. The weightlifter threatens the Baker and eats all the Cakes in the shop. The Weightlifter holds the Baker up by his neck and threatens him with his Barbell. The Baker then farts, and the weighter is sick at the smell. He regurgitate the Cakes back up all over the shop.

3) Finally the door opens one last time to reveal a new character standing there bemused at the mess... "what happened here?" he states. The scene zooms out to reveal it is actually an audition for a part in a production at a theatre... "OMG DID I GET THE PART? DID I REALLY? HUH HUH?" states the "baker"...

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